Simplifying Your Financial World

McClain and Company, P.C. has been providing quality accounting, tax and financial advice
to clients in the Atlanta metropolitan area for nearly twenty years.

The firm’s success is a result of its commitment to finding and implementing cost effective
strategies to help small business owners and high net worth individuals achieve their financial goals.

The Firm's Philosophy

Although Laurie is educated and experienced in complex tax strategies, she believes that the best
strategy is to keep it simple.  Small businesses exist only to further the goals of their owners.
Laurie is dedicated to understanding the owners’ goals and helping them develop the best tax
and financial strategies to achieve those goals. Laurie does not believe in “buying” tax deductions,
but focuses on planning ahead so that any necessary purchases are obtained in the most tax
advantaged way possible.  Laurie does not like surprises on April 15 and she works very hard to
make sure her clients don’t have any!

Industries That We Serve

Retail | Private Schools | Restaurants | Professional Services | Non-Profits
Medical Practices | Manufacturing | Entertainment | Real Estate | Personal Services